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Laboratorios Yermedic SAC is a national company with 100% Peruvian Capital, founded in 1,989, specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of disposable medical equipment, and its main products, arterial and venous lines for hemodialysis, microgoteros equipment, probes CCTV aspiration, hydrophobic and hygroscopic filters, and other specialty products.



Laboratorios Yermedic SAC has 23 years of experience distributing its products nationwide in various ESSALUD hospitals and Ministerio de Salud, State remaining as provider continuously over the years, through tender, with major contracts with one or two year period, getting the scores needed to attend any of the items tendered by ESSALUD or Ministerio de Salud.



Our staff is committed to their work and identified with Laboratorios Yermedic SAC has extensive experience and expertise, qualified to pass quality certification over the past 10 years, both in the Good Manufacturing Practices as Management System Quality.

We have the credit support of major financial institutions such as Banco de Credito del Peru, Banco de Comercio, and Secrex.

We also have over the years, always with our suppliers, as Andina Plast SRL, our main supplier, with whom we have developed several specialized non toxic plastic compounds for medical equipment manufacturing.

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